Alyx + Max’s Salt Flats Elopement Photos!!

Alyx and Max’s salt flats elopement photoshoot out on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Salt Lake City, Utah was the most magical experience. Their laughter was infectious, their joy was unmistakeable, and their obvious love was enough to make a grown man cry. Keep scrolling to see more of these BABES!!

Location: Bonneville Salt Flats in Salt Lake City, Utah

Photographer: Megan Kuhn Photography

Dress: Vowd – Verse Dress

The Bonneville Salt Flats are the perfect place for an elopement or micro wedding because there is so much space, you can drive out, far from any other tourists, and have a private ceremony without anyone else around. The area also has tons of other locations that would be perfect for photos, such as the nearby mountains, sand dunes, the Great Salt Lake, and of course, Salt Lake City itself. With an abundance of incredible vendors, stunning AirBnb’s and delicious restaurants all around, this area is perfect for a destination wedding or elopement.

For those who book their elopement or wedding with me, they’ll receive a customized guide to the location they choose! Everything from what the best time would be for the ceremony to recommendations for places to stay!

These two are so cute and so in love, we couldn’t help but laugh our way through this entire session. Alyx and Max have known each other for years and their adventurous spirits drew them in to each other. Max is based in Salt Lake City and Alyx has been an adventurous nomad living in many different states, but after falling in love with Max, she has made Salt Lake City her home as well. Throughout their elopement photoshoot, the two of them spoke about their story together and I fell absolutely in love with them and their energy.

“dude. ur insane these are so so good WHAT thank you x a million”

– Alyx

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